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This organization is to raise the voice and to act as watchdog to those whoever violate the treaties, conventions and protocol, declared by the United Nations and endorsed by the respective countries.

It also pleads for the appropriate independent investigation of human right violation and adequate punishment to the accused. This organization is dedicated to transform into practice entire civil, political, economical, educational, religious and cultural rights of the citizen endorsed by Nepal. This organization is committed to the rights of elder citizen, children, sick, helpless people and peoples with physical risk. Read more

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It is the fact and realizes that for development of Human personality and Society, Justice, Independent and path for peace cannot be made without the preservation and protection of basic rights of Human beings. In Nepal it is necessary for the human rights utilization, preservation and protection public awareness program are to be held and public polling should be created. So, for this evaluation and observation of human right is needed. A united support is necessary in different parts of the country against the habit of negligence of human rights. In the context of Nepal, world and in other countries various human massacre incident is seen by which lakhs of peoples right to survive is deprived and also basic infrastructures and social norms are destroyed. By realizing the loss in the different countries due to massacre, and to stop these massacre in a peace way, with the aim of spreading peace, democracy, justice and equality in the society, along with social development in the national and international level. Thus, the constitution of Human rights and peace foundation Nepal is formed to spread the announcement of the charted of U.N.O, treaty, sub-treaty, with its important and to participate whole heartily with desire, in the world possession of human rights.


The objective of human rights policy is to ensure full respect for human rights commitments. It works by providing more importance for security of human life & human rights. Few Objectives are listed here.

To spread about the opinion of human rights in the Nepalese people as announced by the United Nation Organization and also to support in the international agitation regarding human rights.
To work by providing more importance for security of human life, human rights, democratic values and by respecting the independence for the want of basic and fundamental rights of people.
The HURPEF view to give peace forever to the country free from violence and weapons. By helping the nation and society from war and violence by conducting peace talk and in political ways to make peace through non-violence. To create human society free from injustice and violence in a peaceful way.
To conduct necessary programs by making favorable environment by taking help from government and non-government authorities of national and international level for the basic needs like health, education, economic and social conditions of various tribes, backward people, helpless old people and children.
HURPEF will establish as an independent peace spreading Human Right Organization and will make connection between the various communities of the society for the eradication of war by exchanging peace feeling and do conduct educational programs regarding the importance of non-violence in the civic society.
For the establishment of peace, exchange of communication and help in national and international level. By being within the existing law to send the representative and volunteer in the war affected area and to run office and project for short and long time for human help.
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HURPEF Working Group

S.N Name Gender Address Country
1 Late. Krishna Prasad Shiwakoti Male Kathmandu Nepal
2 Mr Man Bahadur Thapa Male Kathmandu Nepal
3 Dr.Ran Bahadur Thapa Male Taplejung Nepal
4 Mr Govinda Siwakoti Male Canada Canada
5 Mr ShyamBhakta Kayestha Male Nagarkot Nepal
6 Mr Madhab Bdr.Pantha Male Tanahun Nepal
7 Mr Dhan Prasad Rai Male Khotang Nepal
8 Mr Laxman khanal Male Kathmandu Nepal
9 Mr Sitaram lali Shekhar Male Kathmandu Nepal
Name Gender Address Country
Name Gender Address Country
Name Gender Address Country
Name Gender Address Country
Name Gender Address Country
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by HURPEF President »

It is my honour to be appointed as president of HURPEF since the establishment of HURPEF in 2002 A.D. I continued and will continue to support and dedicate all my efforts to protect human rights and ending human rights abuses by creating and developing new strategies. President HURPEF Human Right

— Mr. Man Bahadur Thapa

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